Battle at the Top of the MSFL Northeast Division

Battle at the Top of the MSFL Northeast Division

The Indiana Mustangs (4-1) have not played a game since August 3rd’s 13-6 victory on the road at Lincoln-Way. The scheduled game against the Lake County Steelers resulted in a forfeit win for the Mustangs on August 17th. With the game scheduled against the Terre Haute Wildcats already forfieted to the Mustangs’ advantage, the team only has two remaining games, both on the road — this week against the Springfield Foxes (3-2) and the regular season finale against the Indiana Generals (5-0).

The Mustangs will be battling the Foxes this weekend in Springfield to hold on to 2nd place in the Eastern Conference (the Mustangs has the tie breaker against the Chicago Mustangs (4-1)) and set up what could be an epic division and conference regular season finale with the Generals on September 14th in Indianapolis. The Mustangs are looking to gain the top seed in the conference with wins over both the Foxes and the Generals, giving them homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

First on the agenda, the Springfield Foxes. After winning their first three games, the Foxes have dropped the last two (including a close one against the Indiana Generals). The Foxes will be coming out hungry and still have a chance to land a high position in the playoff picture. The Mustangs will have to be in playoff mode this weekend against the home squad. What should be a very good game that will shape the post-season will kickoff at 7 pm CDT at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School Football Stadium (1601 West Washington Street, Springfield, IL 62702).


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