Congrats to the Madison Mustangs for winning the West over the Rush last night (Saturday) in a hard fought win keeping the Rush from scoring from the one on eight attempts. Next week the Championship game will not be played due to rain moving into the area Saturday afternoon in the Chicago vs Indiana Mustangs game. The game was being played early in the afternoon due to an event being held inside the school…at Riverside Brookfield High School. The parking lot and field had to be cleared by 5 o’clock and with the rain moving in this made this impossible to finish the game. Despite being down 34-6 this is a playoff game and the game must be played out till the end. Bigger deficits have been made up in the history of MSFL playoffs and to call a game in the playoffs with both teams not agreeing to it is not a fair call despite what people feel about either team.
The league banquet will still take place Saturday night after the game between the Chicago Mustangs and Indiana Mustangs at 7:30 pm at Holiday Banquet located on 103rd and Roberts Rd. League awards will still be issued at the conference championship trophies will be at the event.  All star updates will be posted today (Sunday) regarding the game as of now the game will still be played on Sunday, October 13.


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